Discover the power of the horse with... - Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Reasons to Seek Counseling
* Depression or anxiety that
   doesn't go away in a reasonable
   amount of time.
* Stress that feels overwhelming.
* Panic attacks.
* Excessive fear, anger, sadness
   or frustration.
* Chronic worry, preoccupation,
   confusion or disorentation.
* Self-destructive or self-
   defeating behaviors.
* Life cycle challenges and
   transitions; aging parents, 
   empty nest, birth of a child.
* Couple or partner issues.
* Domestic violence.
* Problems following traumatic
   events or abuse.
* Trouble communicating with 
* Trouble making or keeping
   satisfying relationships.
* Family issues; parent child
   communication, problem solving
   with teens, step families,
   blended families, alternative
   families, single parenting,
   adoptions, etc...
* Personal Growth.
"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step"
                             -Chinese Proverb
Children as well as adults can be be affected by emotional strains that need to be addressed through psychotherapy.  Low self esteem, depression, eating disorders, ADD/ADHD, poor school performance, social isolation substance abuse, and chronic health issues are just some of the issues that our young people struggle with today.  When not attended to, these issues can have a disruptive impact on your child's well being and ability to get along in everyday life. EAP can be an excellent and effective modality to employ in these circumstances.
Don't wait! Act now! Let your journey begin!
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